​Group music therapy helps the clients connect with one another and work together. Group goals and objectives are achieved through music therapy interventions. Respect for each other, self-expression, and social skills are some of the goals developed in sessions. Being a part of a group with similar needs can provide a great support for clients to relate to others in meaningful ways.

"I feel better motivated and uplifted. I feel like I can do anything and like it's really helping me out.” 



Lyric analysis is a comfortable way for group members to express themselves and receive validation about experiences or emotions without a need to use words themselves. 


Individuals with low self-esteem can increase in self-image and self-love through the music therapy experience.  


Impulse control can be improved and developed through music making in a group setting. 


Community can be found in group music therapy sessions through sharing personal experiences that group members can relate to and may have experienced in similar ways.

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We are an evidenced based practice that stays current with healthcare of today. We work with treatment centers, schools, hospitals, in--home settings and in our Lehi-based studio.

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